Solidity & React Fullstack Banking Dapp | Deposit & Withdraw ETH & ERC20 Tokens with MetaMask

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Let’s build a fullstack banking dapp from scratch.
We’ll be using Hardhat, Solidity, React, EthersJS and more.
This app will allow connecting with MetaMask and depositing and withdrawing ETH and ERC20 tokens (MATIC, SHIB, USDT) you would like.
I’m going to take you through every step!

0:00 – Intro
1:09 – Setup the Hardhat project (hardhat)
3:30 – Write bank contract
16:34 – Write ERC20 token contracts
19:39 – Write Hardhat deploy script
27:08 – Deploy the contracts
27:53 – Connect Metamask to the Hardhat network
29:37 – Import ERC20 Tokens in Metamask
33:42 – Reset Metamask
34:02 – Install React libraries
34:09 – Start writing React app

Hardhat setup tutorial:
ERC20 docs:
ETH address generator:

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