CIL Broward ADA Expo

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CIL Broward ADA Expo web site was a pro bono client for whom we developed a full featured, responsive Expo marketing web site with eCommerce, social media and email broadcaster capabilities to name a few.  Their solution required many already existing WordPress plugins in addition to requiring custom development of new WordPress widgets and plugins that met their specific needs.

A free generic responsive template was customized to allow displaying their content. No changes were made to the color scheme and design elements of the theme.  This allowed us to focus on presenting their content and implementing their business requirements instead of developing a custom template from scratch which would have added considerable cost to our bottom line.

We participated in all aspects of development including content strategy consulting, WordPress plugin & theme consulting, domain name consulting, web server administration, SEO consulting and developing their Facebook and Twitter following.

We were responsible for implementing all technical aspects of project and we were active on the Expo host committee steering the event.  We also assisted with developing and implementing the Expo marketing plan, on a shoestring budget, and we were able to deliver 15,000+ unique visitors to the web site leading up to the Expo through organic SEO, PR efforts and link building.

2014 CIL Broward ADA Expo Traffic Summary