CIL Broward ADA Expo

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CIL Broward ADA Expo web site was a pro bono client for whom we developed a full featured, responsive Expo marketing web site with eCommerce, social media and email broadcaster capabilities to name a few.  Their solution required many already existing WordPress plugins in addition to requiring custom development of new WordPress widgets and plugins that met their specific needs. A free generic responsive template was customized to allow displaying their content. No changes were made to the color scheme and design elements of the theme.  This allowed us to focus on presenting their content and implementing their business requirements instead of developing a custom template from scratch which would have added considerable cost to our bottom line. We participated in all aspects of development … Continued

Wine Watch Online

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We started with Wine Watch, Inc. back in 2004 when they hired us to assist their migration from a static web site to an “enterprise solution” that connected their chosen vendor’s proprietary point of sale system, used to process orders in the store, with their proprietary online ordering system.  This was marketed as a cutting edge solution capable of taking Wine Watch to the next level for the low, low setup cost in the $100,000.00 range and a monthly charge of $1000.00 for licensing and ongoing system support. We attended trainings, studied the system, and implemented the online display of products as described by the system’s manual.  Wine Watch focused their efforts on learning how to operate the very complex system and on entering their … Continued


Jene Kapela Leadership Solutions

Jene Kapela Leadership Solutions

Jene is a savvy business owner and “do it yourselfer” when it comes to her web site. She created her own WordPress child theme using Twenty Twelve as the parent theme.  There are times when she doesn’t have the time or ability to meet her own need.  We are there for her when she needs help with various aspects of her leadership blog that are beyond her scope of ability. help


Tari Rose Online

Tari Rose Online

We developed and maintained a static, ecommerce enabled site for Tari from 2004 – 2012.  We migrated her site to WordPress in 2012 and she’s been having a blast adding her own content and saving a lot of cash on web site management fees ever since. privacy

Florida Reading and Vision Technologies

Florida Reading and Vision Technology

Florida Reading and Vision Technologies came to us with some issues to fix on their new ecommerce enabled Joomla! based web site. Their shopping cart and checkout system were not working and product images were being skewed among several other issues.  They reported that the web development company that got them setup had not delivered what was promised so they came to us for help. Initial analysis of their Joomla! installation revealed that they were using Joomla! 1.5 which was outdated and no longer being supported by the Joomla! project. Using open source software that is not being maintained can be a serious security issue and increases your risk of being hacked .  Not only was their software outdated and at risk before they even … Continued