🔴 Let’s build a DALL·E 2.0 Image Generator with REACT! (Chat GPT, Next.js 13.2, Microsoft Azure, TS)

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Join me as show you how to build a DALL·E 2 AI Image Generator app with Next.js 13. You’ll learn the following in this build:

👉 How to use the DALL·E 2.0 API to generate Art with input prompts!
👉 Set up & Deploy your own Microsoft Azure Functions to the cloud!
👉 How to upload/download images to & from Microsoft Azure Blob Storage securely!
👉 How to use the ChatGPT API to create suggestion prompt’s for your AI Art!
👉 Create API endpoints in your Next.js 13.2 app to securely manage requests
👉 How to build a fully responsive site with Tailwind CSS
👉 Leverage the power of Server components in Next.js 13 (and how to use client components alongside them correctly!)
👉 How to use the new App folder structure in Next.js 13!
👉 Dynamic page routing in Next.js 13
👉 Add Heroicons to level up your app’s UI!
👉 How to use TypeScript to reduce the overall number of Bugs and Errors
👉 How to deploy the final build on Vercel!

+ So Much More!

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00:00 Introduction
01:04 Build Showcase
03:09 Free Code for this Build
05:30 Build Tech
06:13 Microsoft Azure Sponsorship
07:56 Setting up Microsoft Azure Functions
09:19 Trying to Set Up Next.js & Tailwind CSS
12:34 Setting up Next.js from Scratch
14:25 Setting up Tailwind CSS
18:41 Initialising the Build
21:51 Recommended VS Code Extensions
23:00 Build Layout
24:43 Building the Header Component
27:24 Building the Left Side of the Header Component
31:38 Building the Right Side of the Header Component
36:41 Building the Prompt Input Component (1/2)
45:46 Setting up OpenAI API Keys
51:53 Setting up an API Endpoint (1/2)
1:00:09 Implementing useSWR
1:04:53 Implementing Microsoft Azure Functions
1:19:12 Using the Node Version Manager Library
1:20:15 Live Debugging
1:21:47 Implementing Microsoft Azure Blob Storage
1:25:28 Implementing the Chat GPT Prompt Suggestion Functionality
1:43:21 Setting up the Rest of the API Endpoints (2/2)
1:46:43 Implementing DALL·E 2 Generate Image Functionality (1/2)
1:52:00 Setting up a SAS Token with Microsoft Azure
1:59:44 Implementing DALL·E 2 Generate Image Functionality (2/2)
2:12:37 Implementing the Generate Image & Use / New Suggestion Functionality
2:33:30 Building the Images Component
2:53:07 Building the Prompt Input Component (2/2)
2:56:59 Creating the Client Provider Component
2:59:30 Implementing React Hot Toast Library for Notifications
3:04:23 Deploying the Azure Functions
3:14:39 Deploying to Vercel
3:19:19 Final Deployed Build Demo
3:22:39 Build Summary
3:23:13 Outro

Let’s get it PAPAFAM 🔥.

DISCLAIMER: This Video is made for informational and educational purposes only. We do not own or affiliate with ChatGPT, DALL·E, OpenAI or/and any of its subsidiaries in any form. Copyright Disclaimer Under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” of this video for educational purposes.

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