2023 Modern NextJS Course 13.4+ with Server Actions, App Router and more | Build Fullstack App

In this Fullstack Course, We will go over all the basics of NextJS in a Crash Course first then we will ease into building a Fullstack App with using the most favorite features yet Server Actions! We will also use other new features with MongoDB, TailwindCSS, NextAuth and more.

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NextJS used by some of the world’s largest companies, Next.js enables you to create full-stack Web applications by extending the latest React features, and integrating powerful Rust-based JavaScript tooling for the fastest builds.

You’ll learn:
– SSR vs CSR vs ISR
– Server Components
– Routes and Layouts
– Data Fetching
– Streaming and Suspense
– Fullstack App with MongoDB, TailwindCSS, NextAuth and all new features of 13.4+.

00:00 Introduction
02:15 Learning Path for Success
06:36 FREE Guide Giveaway
07:21 Final Fullstack Project Demo
11:30 NextJS Crash Course Starts
11:54 SSR vs CSR vs ISR
16:37 Server Components
25:03 Routes & Layouts
28:12 Data Fetching
37:13 Streaming & Suspense
39:53 SEO
41:36 NextJS Crash Course Ends
42:30 Fullstack App Demo
45:20 Fullstack App Setup
49:09 Navbar
58:15 Next Auth Setup
01:18:55 MongoDB Setup
01:37:06 Home Page
01:42:46 Form and Server Actions!
01:55:50 Server Side Auth Setup
02:03:20 Profile Page
02:16:28 Prompt Card
02:36:50 Home Prompts
02:53:45 Final Testing
02:54:56 Outro

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