8 Free and Open Source Blazor UI Libraries

I have been exploring Blazor for a few years now. There are many beginner videos on this channel. I have built internal tools, but I never made them look great.

It finally made me look for a user interface library for Blazor that gives me access to great-looking, pre-implemented controls, and components.

What user interface library you choose depends on many different factors. Depending on what type of application you build, you might need a different set of components.

00:00 Introduction
00:44 Radzen
01:41 Blazorise
02:43 Blaored
03:44 MatBlazor
04:40 MudBlazor
05:25 Microsoft Fluent UI Blazor Components
06:18 Ant Design Blazor
06:54 BlazorStrap
07:36 Conclusion

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