AI Engineer Summit 2023 — DAY 1 Livestream

AI Engineer

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Benjamin Dunphy, Managing Partner, Software 3.0 LLC, “Welcome & Introduction”
swyx, Latent.Space &, “The 1000x AI Engineer”
Amjad Masad, CEO, Replit & Michele Catasta, VP of AI, Replit, “Keynote: What powers Replit AI?”
Toran Bruce Richards, Inventor, AutoGPT, “The Future of Work”
Simón Fishman, Applied AI Engineer, OpenAI & Logan Kilpatrick, Developer Relations, OpenAI, “See, Hear, Speak, Draw”
Flo Crivello, CEO, Lindy, “The Age of the Agent”
swyx, Latent.Space &, Barr Yaron, Partner, Amplify & Sasha Sheng, Stealth, “One Smol Thing”
Benjamin Dunphy, Managing Partner, Software 3.0 LLC, “Housekeeping”
Harrison Chase, CEO, LangChain, “Building Context-Aware Reasoning Applications with LangChain and LangSmith”
Shreya Rajpal, Founder, Guardrails AI, “Trust, but Verify”
Eugene Yan, Senior Applied Scientist, Amazon, “Building Blocks for LLM Systems & Products”
Linus Lee, AI Lead, Notion, “The Hidden Life of Embeddings”
Brittany Walker, Principal, CRV, Chris White, CTO, Prefect & Bryan Bischof, Head of AI, Hex, “The AI Pivot: Fireside chat with Chris White of Prefect & Bryan Bischof of Hex”