“Aloha .NET MAUI! Extending Apps To Mobile & Desktop via Blazor” By Shaun Walker

Sam Nasr

In this session we are going to showcase the exciting Blazor Hybrid support which is included in .NET MAUI. Specifically we will focus on the BlazorWebView control that allows Razor components to be rendered into an embedded Web View, allowing them to run natively on mobile and desktop devices.

In this rendering model, Razor components load and execute very quickly and have full access to the native capabilities of the device through the .NET platform.

We will also explain how you can get the most out of your code assets by leveraging the exact same web UI components across mobile, desktop, and web.

And rather than using a simple “Hello World” scenario, all of these concepts will all be demonstrated using a robust open source modular application framework developed natively for Blazor and .NET MAUI.

This is a recording of a live presentation to GLUG.Net on Thursday, March 16, 2023: https://www.meetup.com/glugnet/events/jgqtbtyfcfbvb/