ASP.NET Community Standup – Blazor WebAssembly on .NET 6


Join Blazor creator Steve Sanderson for a special look at Blazor WebAssembly on .NET 6.

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Featuring: Steve Sanderson (@stevensanderson), Tanay Parikh (@_TanayParikh), Jon Galloway (@jongalloway)

Demo code:

00:00 Countdown
02:20 Start & Community Links
09:25 What’s new in Blazor in .NET 6
10:30 Blaze Orbital demo scenario overview
14:20 Compiling SQLite to WASM for use with Blazor
17:05 Linking WASM dependencies as a native file reference in Blazor
18:55 Database sync and querying with SQLite in Blazor
35:55 Using a Rust library in Blazor as a native file reference
40:05 Offline features using a Progressive Web App (PWA)
41:50 Using a Blazor web component in a React application
51:25 Using the Blazor component in a WPF application
53:45 Q&A
1:01:30 Introduction to WebAssembly System Interface (WASI)
1:11:10 Running a .NET console application under WASI runtime
1:13:33 Running a simple .NET webserver under WASI
1:16:46 Prototype showing Blazor running under Lunatic
1:25:05 Conclusion
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