Blazor Basics: Routing, Page Navigation

Welcome to another Blazor Basic tutorial, In this tutorial we will learn how routing works in Blazor. No need to go through the rest of the tutorials in the playlist to do this, unless you need a refresher on a concept, just the Blazor template microsoft gives you. Routing seemed pretty easy in Blazor, at least compared to Razor. And its comparable to modern frameworks on how they work with moving through pages. Blazor’s routing is very flexible and allows you to control a lot more than it first appears. This ones a big one since its basically all the information you will need on Blazor routing for starting your own professional, enterprise level projects. Don’t let the example fool you, there’s a lot of code behind it that should be useful and the basic foundation to anyone wanting to use Blazor in their career.

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***Please Use Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 if you have issues compiling

0:00 Intro/Final Product
0:40 Routing Explained
1:25 Project Starts Here
4:26 Adding Page URLs
7:27 Adding Parameters to URLS
10:00 Dont Have to of the same URLS
11:05 Dont Forget The Parameters Your Code Expects
12:00 Making the Page work without errors
13:06 Adding HTML To Route Example
14:43 Being Working On Test Page
18:00 Adding First HTML on Test
21:00 Adding Code for Routing, NavigationManager
23:32 Why Should You Use C# Code for URL?
25:09 Testing parameter passing with code
26:05 Set Up for Boolean parameter passing
27:46 Testing unique urls and blazor manipulation of URLs
30:11 Boolean Parameter Test
31:42 String Example

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