Blazor – Next Generation UI with .NET 6

Video Review

This informative video provides an overview of Blazor, goes into detail about webassembly and gives basic examples of how it's used. It also goes through some blazer examples that show simple ways that Blazor can be used. Additional code samples and resources that demonstrate common Blazor usage are provided. This video is recommended for anyone looking for a quick overview of Blazor.

Microsoft Developer

Tired of Angular, Vue, and React? Ready for the next generation of web user interface that runs everywhere and you can build with your favorite programming language? In this session, Jeff Fritz is going to introduce you to Blazor – the next generation UI framework from the .NET team. We’ll see how Blazor works with Web Assembly, webservers, and hybrid applications to deliver a great experience for your users. Blazor is the framework that allows you to build once and run it everywhere.