Blazor WASM Prerender Tutorial (Intial Load Workaround)

Today we will be working on how to implement Prerendering in a Blazor WASM application. There are two known ways to work around the Inital Load problem thats infamous in Blazor WASM apps and one is to have a loading circle, the other is to implement something called Prerendering. What this means is that we have a static page that the user sees before the rest of the application is loaded on the client, so not only does your user see something other than a blank page or loading screen, but also your page feels faster and its better for the SEO.

This isnt my tutorial, I took it from this site and brought it together:
Part 1 (.Net 5) :
Part 2 (.Net 5):
Part 3 (.Net 6):


00:00 Intro
03:00 Get Your FREE Blazor Cheat Sheet
03:35 Setting Up PreRendering (UnAbstracted)
07:25 Blazor State Video For More Info on State Management
28:44 Explanation Of PreRendering Problem
33:04 Abstracting WeatherForecast For Prerendering

Music Credit goes to LOQUOR: