Blazor WebAssembly E-Commerce Online Course 🔥 5 Hour Preview

Patrick God

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Table of Contents:
00:00:00 Intro
00:00:11 Overview of the Web Application
00:06:17 Create the Blazor WebAssembly Project
00:11:08 Run the Project
00:14:54 Trust the Dev Certificate
00:18:33 Add the Product Model
00:21:46 Your First Component
00:33:42 CSS Isolation
00:39:07 Your First Web API Controller
00:48:40 Call the Web API from the Client
00:54:39 Install SQL Server
00:56:09 Add the ConnectionString
00:58:07 Install Entity Framework
00:59:38 Add the DataContext & more Packages
01:05:56 Register the DbContext & Configure the SQL Server
01:09:42 Your First Migration
01:16:13 Seed Data
01:19:48 Get Products from the Database
01:24:58 Walking Skeleton Summary
01:26:00 Implement a ServiceResponse with Generics
01:30:46 Using Services with Dependency Injection
01:38:34 Add a ProductService to the Client
01:44:24 Use the ProductService in the ProductList Component
01:47:49 Show Product Details with Page Parameters
02:01:56 Get a single Product from the Server
02:07:16 Get a single Product on the Client
02:11:52 Introducing Categories
02:14:25 Adding Category Seeding & a new Migration
02:19:07 Seeding more Products
02:21:50 Get all Categories with a new Service & Controller
02:28:28 Add a CategoryService on the Client
02:33:40 Display Categories on the NavMenu
02:38:57 Get Products by Category from the Server
02:44:11 Get Products by Category on the Client
02:57:07 Introducing Product Variants
03:04:01 Add a Composite Primary Key & more Seeding
03:08:18 Add the ProductVariants Migration
03:10:36 Include ProductVariants & Types in the ProductService
03:14:11 Display the Price in the ProductList Component
03:18:14 Display the Price in the ProductDetails Component
03:24:19 Use a Select Box for the Product Variant
03:28:08 Introducing a Product Search
03:29:28 Search a Product on the Server
03:35:18 Get Product Search Suggestions
03:45:19 Add Search Methods to the Client
03:50:35 Implement a Search vie the URL in the Index Component
03:53:15 Implement the Search Component
04:07:02 Use a Custom Layout
04:19:15 Add a Home Button
04:23:05 Introducing Featured Products
04:25:51 Load Featured Products
04:29:21 Show Featured Products with a new Component
04:42:47 Introducing Pagination & Data-Transfer-Objects (DTOs)
04:46:46 Implement Product Search Pagination on the Server
04:55:13 Add Pagination to the ProductService on the Client
04:59:56 Add Pagination to the Components

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