Build a Chat App with NEW ChatGPT API | Full stack, React, Redux Toolkit, Node, OpenAI

Build a Chat Application with ChatEngine and OpenAI and ChatGPT integration tutorial. The frontend will consist of ChatEngine for our chat application, Redux Toolkit for our state management, Redux Toolkit Query for making api calls, Hero icons for our Icons and React Router for Navigation. For the backend we will be using Node Js as our runtime, Express Js as our backend framework, and OpenAI for Ai integration with our chat. We will be able to talk through our chat application like with ChatGPT.

When using Chat Engine and creating a new project, if you want your project to be hosted free forever, in the Promo Code type ‘edward’. I do receive commission if you upgrade to get more features but it is not necessary to purchase for it to be hosted forever.

react router:
react dropzone:
redux toolkit:
redux toolkit query:
hero icons:
chatengine docs:
chatengine storybook:–default-story
chatengine api:
chatengine styling:
openai node npm:
openai completion docs:
openai playground:
openai api chatgpt update new:
openai api gpt-3.5 docs:

Completed Code:
code for openai-updated:

0:00 Building a Fullstack Chat Application with ChatGPT
3:44 Frontend Installations and Packages
13:06 Main Chat Application and React Chat Engine Setup
35:33 Chat Custom Header
43:35 Chat Custom Message Form
1:06:47 What is OpenAI and how is it related to ChatGPT
1:09:50 Backend Installations and Packages
1:21:10 AI Chat
2:01:30 AI Code
2:11:25 AI Assist
2:28:27 Authentication and Authorization
2:54:15 Complete Build Fullstack Chat Applaction

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