Build an App with Blazor Interactive Auto Render Mode – Complete Full-stack App from Scratch to End

Lets build a complete fullstack web app using Blazor Web with Interactive Auto Render Mode – .Net 8 from Scratch by Abhay Prince

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00:00:00 Demo
00:09:11 Project creation
00:12:55 Create Entities and Migrations
00:30:40 Fonts, Global colors and Icons setup
00:45:55 Creating Main Layout, Navbar and Page Heading Section
01:27:40 Login and Register
01:44:13 Short URL Generator Form Re-usable Component
01:51:39 Loader component
02:01:26 Completing rest of the home page html content
02:16:20 Short Code Generator Service and Link Service
02:55:00 Create Minimal API endpoints for Links
03:06:39 Install and configure Refit Client Package in Client Project
03:28:10 Create SessionStorage javascript interop service
03:59:01 Create a re-usable Modal Popup component
04:31:30 Copy to Clipboard Functionality
04:39:55 My Links Backend Part
04:53:40 My Links Page UI
05:04:22 Interactive Main Layout implementation
05:33:55 QuickGrid for My Links
05:48:25 Show Active and All Links
06:24:00 Implement a custom auto dismiss Toast component
06:33:44 Edit Link
07:20:27 Delete Link
07:36:21 Create a new Asp.Net Core API project to resolve the short urls
07:58:20 Link Details Page
08:32:45 Syncfusion Blazor Charts component
08:52:57 Dashboard Page
09:30:43 Create Floating Action Button
09:40:30 Footer
09:46:54 Conclusion – Link, Share, Subscribe

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If you like my work and want to support me, buy me a coffee

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