Build an Uber Clone with React Native and TypeScript

In this course you will learn how to build a clone of Uber application in React Native. The app will be built completely from scratch for both iOS and Android platforms. You’ll get a chance to learn best practices which I’ve learned from over 2 years of making React Native applications. For searching for the destination we’ll use the Google Places API.

Audio gets better in the second half of the tutorial.

Github repo:

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Stack that we’re going to use:
– React Native
– TypeScript
– emotion-css
– axios
– react-native-maps
– react-native-bottom-sheet
– expo-location
– react-native-reanimated

0:00 Intro
2:22 Setting up the project
10:24 Creating Map screen
1:15:20 Adding Destination Modal
2:01:54 Fetching destinations places
2:40:00 Creating PlaceItem component
3:05:02 Displaying the route
3:36:40 Saving past searches in the history
3:58:05 Adding layout animations
4:02:16 Creating the bottom sheet
5:00:45 Configuring the bottom sheet
5:17:37 Adding footer to the bottom sheet
5:54:35 Final touches & running on Android

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