Build and Deploy a Full Stack MERN Application With CRUD, Auth, and Charts Using Refine

In this one video, learn how to develop a fully functional full-stack MERN dashboard application with complete CRUD functionalities, authentication, pagination, sorting, filtering, and more!

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Alongside building this great application, you’ll also learn the following:
1. Node.js, Express.js, MongoDB, and React.js together form the powerful MERN stack
2. Material UI: The most popular UI Component Kit nowadays
3. TypeScript: Yep, you heard that right; we’ll use TypeScript on this project! No previous typescript knowledge is required
4. You’ll learn how to transform a Figma design into a fully functioning website
5. You’ll also learn how to optimize images and store them on the cloud using Cloudinary
6. Provide a quick and easy way for your users to log in and register using Google Auth
7. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to build React-based CRUD applications quickly using refine.

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Time Stamps 👇
00:00:00 Intro
00:05:39 Setup
00:20:00 Sidebar
00:29:15 Refine
00:39:33 Home
01:12:41 Properties
01:22:09 Create Property
01:48:40 Backend Setup
02:08:11 Routes
02:36:48 Displaying Properties
02:51:02 Pagination, Sorting & Filtering
03:18:20 Property Details
03:45:31 Agents
04:30:01 Deployment