Build and Deploy a Full Stack TikTok Clone Application and Master TypeScript | Full Course (Part 1)

Every web developer needs to know how to build a Social Media Website. Learn to build the best and most modern one using React, Next.js, and TypeScript simply by watching this course.

Our TikTok Clone Application includes Google Auth, the ability to upload, publish, share, comment on, and like the videos; filtering by categories and advanced search functionalities, profile pages, suggested accounts, custom responsive design, and much more.

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In this course, you’ll learn:
– TypeScript – one of the most in-demand languages today
– Advanced State Management of the entire React application
– Next.js Best Practices such as file-based routing and data using server-side rendering and static generation
– You’ll learn how to integrate OAuth to log in and register users using Google
– You’ll learn how to manage the entire content of your app using Sanity. Sanity is the unified content platform that’ll make the making of our entire app possible

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Time Stamps 👇
00:00 Intro
00:19:35 Setup
00:39:06 Sidebar
00:54:34 Discover
01:09:09 Main Video View
01:55:24 Google Auth
02:06:11 Creating User Store
02:30:05 Upload Video Functionality
03:10:43 Part two coming soon!