Build and Deploy a LeetCode Clone with React: Next JS, TypeScript, Tailwind CSS, Firebase | Part 1

In this tutorial series, we’ll be building a Leetcode clone with React, Tailwind CSS, Next.JS, Typescript, and Firebase. We’ll also be deploying it to Vercel at the end.

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Github Gist:
Demo Application:
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00:00 Intro
00:48 Demo of The App
05:42 Project Setup
09:10 Auth Page Setup
13:38 Auth Page Navbar
19:13 AuthModal Layout UI
22:35 Login UI
30:00 Signup UI
32:18 ResetPassword UI
33:32 Integrating Recoil Auth State
47:50 Firebase Setup
53:00 Signup Functionality
01:01:40 Login Functionality
01:05:33 Auth Page Route Guard
01:08:20 Home Page UI
01:13:09 Problems Table UI
01:21:20 Youtube Video Modal
01:30:10 Topbar Update On Auth
01:33:05 Logout Functionality
01:37:30 Auth Modal Optimizations
01:39:03 Reset Password Functionality
01:43:15 React Toastify
01:46:50 Outro

#reactjs #javascript #leetcode