Building a Full-Stack Web App with Next.js 14 – Portfolio Website

Step-by-Step Tutorial For Beginners!
Tailwind CSS & Vercel

This video is a tutorial on how to build a resume/CV website using Next.js and Tailwind CSS. It covers topics such as setting up a Next.js project, creating a layout and components for the website, and styling the website using Tailwind CSS. Additionally, the tutorial discusses how to deploy the website using Vercel, as well as how to make the website responsive for various devices.

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🔵 00:00 Build a Professional Resume/CV Website
🔵 00:45 Prerequisites
🔵 01:12 Demo of the Project
🔵 02:01 Purposes of this video
🔵 02.23 Importance of having a CV website
🔵 04.10 Walk-through final result
🔵 06:08 Set up the project
🔵 10:38 Pages/app Directory in Next.js 13
🔵 13:42 Tailwind css set up
🔵 19:00 Building the Sidebar and Layout
🔵 53:34 Building the About me section
🔵 01:00:40 Building the Skills section
🔵 01:23:15 Building the Professional Experience section
🔵 01:31:20 Commit changes to Github
🔵 01:32:35 Create a Github Repository
🔵 01:34:03 Deploy the App to Vercel
🔵 01:36:03 Suggestions
🔵 01:36:49 Bonus: FREE CONSULTATION