Building a game engine with .NET MAUI with Shaun Lawrence (2022-07)

dotNET South West

During this talk we will have the fantastic Shaun Lawrence – Microsoft MVP working with Xamarin and MAUI talking about his experience building a game in MAUI.

Find out what happened when 2 of his passions were combined together; his job and his passion, video games.

Last year he underwent a journey to build a mobile game with Xamarin-Forms. It was successful but he didn’t feel it pushed the boundaries far enough and wanted a bigger challenge! Now, with .NET MAUI out, it is the perfect opportunity to take it further. Making use of the .NET MAUI cross-platform framework he will take you through the journey to building a fully fledged game with the framework and then talk around the resulting engine that is being built and can enable you to build your great idea!

We will look over:-

– Common concepts in what is a typical game
– How those have been built through the use of .NET MAUI Graphics
– How we can find the best mix of .NET MAUI and our new Orbit game-engine