Create a Signed and Publishable .NET MAUI Android App in VS2022

Gerald Versluis

You have developed your app and now it’s time to publish it to the Google Play Store! In this video I will walk you through how to generate a signed .NET MAUI Android App Bundle (AAB) file that can be sent to the Google Play Store, ready for publishing! In this video: Android keystore explained, how you to generate signed bundle or apk from Visual Studio 2022, as well as how to integrate it in your build pipeline.

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⏱ Timestamps
00:00 – Publishing Your .NET MAUI Android App
00:18 – What is a Keystore File?!
02:15 – Creating a Keystore File
08:57 – Add Publishing Details to csproj File
10:57 – All Done, A Signed AAB File!
13:51 – Tips For Doing This in Your CI Pipeline
15:18 – Publishing for iOS? Windows? Right Here!

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