Create a WordPress Website using React 🔥 | WordPress RESTFUL API with React w/ Frontity

WordPress is that great CMS that everyone loves and it has tons of websites running on and thousands of plugins that allow you to pretty much do anything the only downside that a lot of developers find is it uses PHP templates to render and fetch the data for your website. Frontity comes and opens the barriers to allow you to use WordPress with React where you can consume and fetch WordPress data through the RESTFUL API and render it on React application that is running on a Node.js server with everything you love from React’s side.

⭐ Timestamps ⭐
00:00 What is Frontity and why you should use it
03:49 Installing and Using Frontity CLI
05:08 Frontity React Project Structure
14:01 Setting Up Wordpress server with Nginx
23:39 Taking a closer look at Wordpress RESTFUL API
29:34 Creating a custom landing page
34:30 How Post fetching works

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