CRUD w/ Blazor in .NET 8 🔥 All Render Modes (SSR, Server, Wasm, Auto), Entity Framework & SQL Server

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Table of Contents:
00:00:00 CRUD w/ Blazor in .NET 8 🔥
00:01:58 New Templates & Rendermodes Explained
00:20:41 Preparations (Entities, EF Core, SQL Server)
00:29:58 Create a Service for the CRUD Operations
00:32:36 Add Page/Component to Get all Games (SSR + StreamRendering)
00:37:52 Add Interactivity for a Button – Create/POST Preparations
00:46:27 Create an Interactive Button Component
00:50:21 Create a Game with the new .NET 8 SSR Form
00:55:49 Use WebAssembly to Create a Game
01:16:05 Quick Look at RenderModeInteractiveAuto
01:17:45 Implement Updating & Deleting a Game

#DotNet #Blazor #AspNetCore