EASILY Create an NFT on Solana! One Simple API Call! (Python)

The Blockchain API

Easily create an NFT on Solana by using The Blockchain API.

This video contains all the info on how to get started, but if you already have a wallet with a balance, setting up the API call takes less than 60 seconds!

Code: https://github.com/BL0CK-X/the-blockchain-api/blob/main/examples/tutorials/create_nft_tutorial.py

The Blockchain API Docs: https://docs.blockchainapi.com/
— Create NFT Endpoint: https://docs.blockchainapi.com/#operation/solanaCreateNFT
The Blockchain API Dashboard: https://dashboard.blockchainapi.com/
The Blockchain API Website: https://blockchainapi.com/

The Blockchain API GitHub Repo (Feature Requests Welcome!): https://github.com/BL0CK-X/the-blockchain-api

The Blockchain API Discord (Join!): https://discord.gg/d49yzrZRAF

Solana CLI Instructions: https://docs.solana.com/cli/install-solana-cli-tools

0:00 Intro to the Video
0:37 Setting up the API with API Keys
1:32 Creating a Secret Phrase
3:34 Derive the Public Key
5:51 Get the Balance of an Address
7:15 Get the Estimate Fee for Minting a Solana NFT
8:14 Airdropping 1 SOL on the Devnet
9:13 Checking Balance After Airdrop
9:33 Minting the NFT
14:02 Reviewing the NFT Mint Response and Data