Full Stack Airbnb Clone with Next.js 13 App Router: React, Tailwind, Prisma, MongoDB, NextAuth 2023

Video Review

The Airbnb clone aspect of this project is not very useful on its own; however, the video provides many practical NextJS 13 tidbits including fixing the hydration errors that you might receive with client only components, lots of useful TailwindCSS snippets, a spot on implementation of NextAuth credentials provider connected to Prisma in addition to Google and GitHub providers. The Mongo DB connection with Prisma doesn't work if you have Mongo DB installed locally but works fine if you follow the video example using Atlas. Great examples of using modals for registration, signin, and general user input. overall highly recommended video

Discord for any problems/errors/bugs: https://www.codewithantonio.com/discord
Github & Live Website: https://www.codewithantonio.com/projects/reservation-platform

In this video, we will put a special emphasis on the Next.js 13 App Router, which is the latest addition to the Next.js framework.

The Next.js 13 App Router is a powerful tool that enables you to easily create complex client-side routing in your Next.js applications. In this tutorial, we will use the Next.js 13 App Router to build a fully functional Airbnb clone with seamless navigation and user experience.

Throughout this video, we will guide you step-by-step through the process of building a full-stack web application using the latest web development technologies including React, Tailwind, Prisma, MongoDB, and NextAuth.

This video is perfect for beginner and experienced developers who are looking to learn how to leverage the power of Next.js 13 App Router in their web applications. So, grab your coffee and join us on this exciting journey of building the next big thing in 2023 with Next.js 13 App Router!

00:00 Intro
02:21 Environment setup
09:30 Navbar UI
34:30 Auth UI
01:35:20 Register functionality, MongoDB, Prisma setup
02:09:27 Login functionality
02:28:04 Social Login (Google and Github)
02:44:36 Categories UI
03:11:34 Listing creation step 1 (Category selection)
03:37:43 Listing creation step 2 (Location selection, Map component, Country autocomplete)
04:06:40 Listing creation step 3 (Counter components)
04:17:10 Listing creation step 4 (Image upload, Cloudinary CDN)
04:32:35 Listing creation step 5 (Description and Price, Listing creation POST route)
04:49:00 Fetching listings with server components (Listing card component, direct server action)
05:23:12 Favoriting functionality
05:39:27 Individual Listing View
06:16:57 Listing reservation component
06:42:33 Reservation functionality (routes, logic)
06:55:05 Trips screen (Loading trips with server component)
07:10:59 Reservations screen (Loading guest reservations with server component)
07:33:13 Favorites screen (Loading favorites with server component)
07:42:35 Properties screen (Loading your listings with server component)
07:53:39 Filters modal (Assigning various filters, add advanced querying logic to getListings, add loading and error pages)
08:37:48 Vercel deploy & wrap up