Full-Stack App with Blazor WebAssembly & Syncfusion in .NET 7 🔥

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🔥 Syncfusion Blazor Components: https://syncf.co/3YLEQY4

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Table of Contents:
00:00:00 Build a CRM with Blazor WebAssembly & Syncfusion in .NET 7 🔥
00:00:24 Get your free Syncfusion license
00:01:58 Create an empty Blazor WebAssembly project
00:03:57 Add Syncfusion to your Blazor project
00:08:10 Add a navigation bar (Syncfusion AppBar/SfAppBar component)
00:10:56 Use your free Syncfusion license key
00:12:05 Implement the navigation bar component
00:20:02 Change the global CSS
00:22:39 Create new models (Contact & Note)
00:29:23 Add the Syncfusion DataGrid (SfGrid)
00:42:32 Add Entity Framework 7 & SQL Server Express
00:52:35 Utilze code-first migrations
00:56:11 Add the ContactsController
00:59:50 Get all contacts from the database on the client
01:03:00 Create/Edit a single contact
01:06:43 Implement the EditForm with Syncfusion components
01:15:12 Utilize CSS isolation
01:16:49 Implement validation
01:21:00 Get a single contact from the database
01:27:05 Implement creating & updating a contact
01:38:31 Add success & error messages (Syncfusion Message/SfMessage component)
01:45:09 Implement deleting a contact with a confirmation dialog (Syncfusion Dialog/SfDialog component)
01:58 Implement notes with Syncfusion Cards (SfCard)
02:15:21 Implement the notes page
02:20:41 Implement a Map with Syncfusion (SfMap component) and the Google API

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