Get started with MudBlazor, a Blazor component library

MudBlazor, a Blazor component library whose popularity is on the rise, has a goal of helping developers build web applications faster and easier. This open source library contains around 70 components. Its graphic design is based on Material Design.

The best way to find out how to get started with MudBlazor is to see it in action, so a demo will be in the focus of this presentation – we’ll spend most of the time in Visual Studio 2022 building, step-by-step, our demo app and along the way learn about features of this Blazor component library.

MudBlazor has a clear list of policies that includes, among others, clear and easy to understand structure, and no dependencies on other component libraries.

The link to the streaming will be available shortly before the event.

About the speaker

Marko Lohert (@MarkoLohert) is a senior software developer with 16 years of professional experience. He has received Zagreb County ZTK Annual award for results achieved in programming and robotics. During his career Marko has worked on web and desktop applications using C# and C++. He has used different SQL databases (IBM DB2, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server), and a number of open source tools. Marko has presented at a number of conferences in Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Also, he has talked at meetups in Austria, Croatia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In Ekobit, where he works, Marko was a member of several international teams. In his free time, he volunteers teaching children programming, electronics (Arduino), and robotics.