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React.js is the most popular frontend JavaScript library you can learn these days. Get started with React.js, its core concepts & advanced topics like routing with React Router 6.4+.

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🎓 Course content:
00:00:00: Introduction
00:01:03: What Is React?
00:06:37: React requirements
00:08:43: Creating a React project
00:12:07: Exploring a new React project
00:15:31: Understanding how React works & the role of components
00:23:14: Building & using a custom component
00:34:26: Outputting dynamic values
00:39:27: Reusing components
00:45:24: Working with “props”
00:51:35: Styling & working with CSS Modules
01:01:39: Time to practice
01:08:07: Preparing the app for “state”
01:11:49: Listening to (user) events
01:19:37: Adding & using “state” (via useState())
01:29:33: Lifting state up
01:38:38: The special “children” prop
01:45:56: Rendering content conditionally
01:54:52: Sharing components & more state management
02:02:39: Adding form buttons
02:06:10: Handling form submission
02:12:25: Updating state based on previous state
02:17:53: Outputting list data
02:24:29: Connecting frontend & backend
02:30:36: Sending a POST request
02:34:46: Handling side effects with useEffect()
02:43:48: Handling “loading” state
02:48:08: Understanding & adding “Routing”
02:52:01: Adding routes with “React Router” (v6+)
02:57:34: Adding layout routes
03:01:40: Refactoring route components & more nesting
03:07:12: Adding links & navigation
03:15:19: Data fetching via “loader” functions
03:24:23: Submitting data via “action” functions
03:35:28: Adding dynamic routes
03:44:06: Summary
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