Hacking Midjourney for Insane Ad Creative


Learn how to unlock the power of Midjourney for ad creation. Discover how AI has changed the ad creative game, and avoid using Generative AI to make one-time ads, but to create an entire cohesive ad campaign. In this Fireside talk Rory Flynn breaks down how he is Hacking Midjourney to generate insane ad creative at scale.

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00:00 Introduction from Rory Flynn
06:20 What is Generative AI
09:55 Generative AI Progression & Workflow
11:46 Examples of Midjourney Facebook Ads
13:20 Uber Eats AI Case Study
17:16 Creating Unique Ads
18:11 Breaking Down Midjourney Prompts
20:11 How to create Photorealistic Midjourney Images
21:22 Midjourney Prompt Formula
25:31 Asset Hacking with Midjourney
32:58 Iterating Midjourney Images
35:09 Midjourney Ad Creation Process
44:04 Adding Motion to Images with Runway
46:14 Ethics & Legal Considerations
50:38 Results & ROI of Midjourney Facebook ads
52:09 Q&A

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