How To Customize WooCommerce Order Confirmation Emails

Ferdy Korpershoek

By default, the WooCommerce confirmation emails do not look that good and it seems hard to adjust the content in those emails. That is why I show you in this WooCommerce tutorial how to adjust the look and feel and content of those emails.

When people buy a product through your WooCommerce Shop you want to send them a confirmation email that looks good. Not a boring purple email with a few standard sentences.

Overview with timestamps:
00:00 The Current WooCommerce Confirmation Email Template
00:52 Change The “From” Name and “From” Address
01:21 Add A Header Image (Logo) On The Confirmation Email
02:08 Customize The Footer Text
03:26 Change Subject Of The Order Confirmation Email
04:12 The Last Paragraph Of The Confirmation Email
04:57 Customize The PHP Email Template
07:54 The End Result