How to find find the Most Popular videos with YouTube API C#

The YouTube Data api has a public endpoint which will allow us to search for public YouTube videos using an API key. API keys simply identify our application to Google, without the need for authorization. Using the videos.list method in the YouTube API we can search for the most popular video by region

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NuGet Package

Install-Package Google.Apis.YouTube.v3

1:07 Google cloud console create project
1:23 Google cloud console create API Key
1:47 Google cloud console enable Youtube Data api
2:19 Add Google.Apis.YouTube.v3 NuGet package
2:45 Create YouTubService for C# and add API Key
3:49 Call the Videos.list method with YouTubeService
4:47 Video.list method region code used to search by country.
5:39 Handel the response from the Videos.list method, how to create the YouTube link to the video.
7:02 How to find the most popular videos across all countries, the planet, and the world.

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🔗 Stack overflow Youtube Data API tag:
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