How to integrate OpenAI GPT3 with a Databases – Crash Course

Adrian Twarog

Databases can be connected to an AI through an API. In this tutorial, I’ll show the practical uses of creating a simple connection from OpenAI to a new Database built on Singlestore.

00:00 – Introduction
01:00 – Project Plan
01:32 – Accessing Youtube API
01:59 – Connecting to the Youtube API
03:07 – Retrieving Comments from Youtubes API
04:16 – Setting up a Database on SingleStore
05:01 – Connecting to the Database via API
05:50 – Creating Database Tables and Structures
06:34 – Inserting Row to Database
07:31 – Populating Database with Youtube Comments
09:36 – Connect to OpenAI API
11:09 – Connect Database to GPT3
14:05 – Using GPT AI to Analyse and Update Database
16:29 – Conclusion

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