How to Start an AI Business | STEP BY STEP

Liam Ottley

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This video is my complete guide on how to start an AI Business, taking you step by step as a beginner. This video took weeks to prepare and is designed to give beginners everything they need to start and scale their own AI Business. AI Automation Agencies are one of the best ways to make money and build a business with AI, and as the creator of the model I wanted to make this video to ensure all those getting into the industry are starting off on the right foot.

0:00 – Intro
4:08 – Is Entrepreneurship Right for You?
7:08 – What is an AAA?
29:25 – What You Need to Start
32:20 – Mindset
38:13 – My System Explained
48:27 – Selecting Your Niche
59:43 – Creating Your Offer
1:22:41 – Lead Generation
1:26:52 – Outreach
1:35:04 – Service Delivery
1:40:38 – Scaling to 10k p/m & Beyond
1:54:54 – Time Management
1:57:35 – Giveaway
1:58:27 – Next Steps