How to Upload Images to a Server in Next.js | Nextjs 13

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Learn how to upload images to a server in Next.js 13. This project will also be able to upload video, audio, blob, PDF, and text files to a server if you want. The tutorial code uses Nextjs 13 with app router and focuses on uploading images.

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How to Upload Images to a Server in Next.js | Nextjs 13

(00:00) Intro
(00:05) Welcome
(00:29) Today’s topic
(00:44) Create a new Next.js project
(01:25) Add UploadThing to Your Project
(04:07) Add Router structure
(08:40) core.ts, File Router, & File Routes
(15:04) route.ts
(16:32) Upload Button page
(25:10) Upload Dropzone page
(27:20) Dashboard
(28:22) Is UploadThing an S3 Killer?
(30:08) More to Learn

📚 Tutorial References:
🔗 Theo’s UploadThing video:
🔗 JoshTriesCoding video:
🔗 Next.js Official Site:
🔗 Next.js Docs for Server Actions:
🔗 ES7 React Snippets Extension:

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