Joshua Michaels – Customizing WooCommerce the Right Way Using Action and Filter Hooks

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Joshua Michaels – Customizing WooCommerce the Right Way Using Action and Filter Hooks gives straightforward and practical walkthrough on how to use WordPress actions and filter hooks to customize your WooCommerce theme. Plenty of examples and resources are provided. The instructor does an excellent job explaining what needs to be done. Recommended

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We’ve all done it: copy the WooCommerce template files into our theme to customize them for a client. While this is the way WooCommerce recommends to customize WooCommerce, it isn’t ideal. As WooCommerce updates their views, your theme files become out-of-date and you have to update them more than you would like. There is a better way: updating WooCommerce templates via Actions and Filters! This presentation will show you how easy it is to customize WooCommerce templates using built-in WooCommerce action and filter hooks. Using the methods shown, your WooCommerce customizations will never be out-of-date and will be much easier to maintain. What’s more, the possibilities are endless giving you total control over your product and store pages. We’ll go over some of the major and not-so-major included hooks, list the advantages and pitfalls of using these methods, as well as provide resources for you to dive in further.

Speaker Bio
Joshua Michaels aka Iz is a developer, designer, dj, music producer, traveler and coffee lover from Chicago. He has been involved with the web in some form since 1992 and a WordPress developer for 12+ years. He runs a design and development agency called ( which is focused on web and app development for clients large and small including United Way of Metro Chicago, Jockey International, Monica + Andy, Chicago Commons, Piano Power, and many more.

This is a Zoom recording of the Chicago WordPress Meetup on 8/5/20