Learn Blazor while creating an Inventory Management System | .NET 6 | Entity Framework | Identity

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:03:07 Blazor Project Structure
00:12:14 How Blazor Works
00:20:28 What is an Inventory Management System
00:23:47 Introduction to Clean Architecture
00:30:58 Null Reference Type in .NET 6
00:36:44 Write the View Inventories Use Case
00:45:16 Implement the View Inventories Use Case
00:59:27 Create a Plugin with Dependency Injection
01:08:45 Inject the Use Case in Razor Component
01:17:35 Dependency Injection in Blazor
01:28:08 Page Component – Create the Inventory List Page
01:34:34 SPA Components Best Practice
01:38:07 Databinding and EventCallback in Search Inventory Component
01:52:59 Component Parameters in Inventory List Component
02:03:52 Null Checks
02:06:07 Extract the Inventory List Item Component
02:09:45 Add Inventory Use Case
02:12:10 Implement Add Inventory Repository Methods
02:15:34 NavigationManager
02:17:56 EditForm and Data Validation
02:30:09 Edit Inventory Use Case
02:35:12 Implement Edit Inventory Repository methods
02:43:00 Receive Routing Parameters
02:50:09 Implement Edit Inventory Component
03:03:06 Why we are using Async everywhere