Learn NextJS 13: Build a Modern Full-Stack E-commerce App with TailwindCSS + Stripe + Zustand

NextJS 13 is amazing; there’s a lot of new functionalities and features from the previous versions and so in this E-commerce Store tutorial, we cover all the new features so that you can start building your own Full-Stack projects with NextJS 13 today! We also using technology like Zustand for global state management in our App, the Stripe API for all our product and transaction handling, and TailwindCSS to design and stylize our web app.

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🔗 Resources

Github repository – https://github.com/jamezmca/nextjs13-store
Init NextJS 13 w TailwindCSS – https://kit.svelte.dev/docs/creating-a-project
Stripe – https://stripe.com
Font Awesome CDN – https://cdnjs.com/libraries/font-awesome
Apple img – https://i.imgur.com/0kbVK0Q.jpg
Banana img – https://i.imgur.com/mT4KIYO.jpg
Pineapple img – https://i.imgur.com/TTajTU1.jpg

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📚 Chapters

00:00 Intro + Demo
01:37 Init NextJS 13 w TailwindCSS
11:37 Stripe Store
17:27 Continue App
30:00 Init Zustand Store
40:00 Finish NextJS App
01:12:32 Next API Routes

🔖 Topics Covered

– How to build a full stack app
– Learn NextJS 13
– Build an E-commerce Store
– Firebase Auth + Firestore noSQL databases
– NextJS 13 Backend / API
– TailwindCSS