Machine Learning & Neural Networks without Libraries – No Black Box Course

Welcome to this No Black Box Machine Learning Course in JavaScript. It’s a course where we code without using libraries because it’s the best way to learn all inner workings of a machine learning system and you’ll greatly improve your software development skills as well.

The goal in this course is to build a web app that learns to recognize drawings. This is phase 2, where we increase the accuracy of the method we developed in Phase 1. We do this by implementing more sophisticated features and using other classification methods (like the Neural Network). In Phase 2 we also learn about Data Cleaning, Confusion Matrices, Geometry and the difference between Vector and Raster data (pixels).

🎥 No Black Box Phase 1 Course:

✏️ Course created by @Radu (PhD in Computer Science)

📁 Data:
💻 Code:
💻 Ilya’s code:
💻 Neural Network Code:
Phase 3 Poll:

⭐️ Other Resources ⭐️
Recognizer we build in this course:
Euclidean Distance Video:
Interpolation Video:
Draw the Portal Game Tutorial (Inspired from Dr. Strange):
Why the Circle has the Largest Area:
Recognizing drawings via webcam:
Self-driving Car Course:
Discord Server:
Scikit-learn documentation:

⭐️ Contents ⭐️
0:00:00 Introduction
0:04:07 Phase 1 Code Review
0:23:11 Data Cleaning
0:41:30 Confusion Matrix
1:16:00 Euclidean Distance Marker
1:16:06 Measuring the Elongation
1:39:23 Measuring the Roundness
1:59:20 Vector vs Raster (Pixels)
2:22:40 Neural Networks
3:04:49 Optimizing Neural Networks
3:25:15 Deep Neural Networks

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