MERN Stack Full Tutorial & Project | Complete All-in-One Course | 8 Hours

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This MERN Stack Full Tutorial & Project provides a complete all-in-one course with 8 hours of code and instruction to level up your web development skills. Think of this MERN Stack Full Tutorial Course as a full stack video textbook with 13 clearly defined chapters.

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❗ Note: If you use Mongoose version 7 or higher, the mongoose-sequence package I introduce in Chapter 3 will not work. Solutions: 1) Use this updated mongoose sequence package: ..or 2) Use the dependency versions I list in my package.json file for this project.

MERN Stack Full Tutorial Course | Complete Full Stack Project | 8 Hours

(00:00:00) Intro
(00:00:05) Welcome
(00:00:42) Chapter 1: MERN Stack Project
(00:28:13) Chapter 2: Middleware
(00:56:04) Chapter 3: MongoDB
(01:24:59) Chapter 4: Controllers
(02:08:14) Chapter 5: React JS
(02:42:15) Chapter 6: Redux & RTK Query
(03:16:54) Chapter 7: React & Redux Forms
(04:08:36) Chapter 8: Authentication vs Authorization
(04:45:17) Chapter 9: Login Auth
(05:18:49) Chapter 10: JWT Auth
(06:00:59) Chapter 11: Roles & Permissions
(06:44:17) Chapter 12: Refactoring
(07:30:19) Chapter 13: Deployment

(05:35:28) Terminology ‘labels’ vs ‘cache entries’: When different values are placed here, different caches are created. In chapter 12 “Refactoring”, we insure all queries use the same cache entry value to avoid creating additional caches.

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🔗 React JS for Beginners full course:
🔗 Redux Toolkit for Beginners full course:
🔗 React Login Playlist:

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