MudBlazor Basics: Getting Started (Install, Import, Apply Layouts)

This is the beginning of a new MudBlazor tutorial series. Here we are going to start with installing MudBlazor, creating a project with it, and importing it into an existing project. We will also go over some of the layouts and designs in the form of wireframes MudBlazor has provided. Stick with me and you will gain a greater understanding of this fantastic library available for free for use in Blazor projects.


MudBlazor Site and Install Guide:

00:00 Intro
01:17 Project Start / How To Install
03:15 Creating A New MudBlazor Project
06:55 Layout Explanation
07:50 WireFrame Examples
08:10 Changing Layouts In A Project
10:09 Comparing MudBlazor to Vanilla Blazor
13:13 Importing MudBlazor To An Existing Project
19:23: Oh Oh, a common mistake

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