Next-Auth Login Authentication Tutorial with Next.js App Directory

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In this Next-Auth login authentication tutorial with Next.js app directory, you will learn how to protect all of your pages with credentials or an OAuth login from providers like GitHub. Learn how to protect any page in your app.

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Next-Auth Login Authentication Tutorial with Next.js App Directory

(00:00) Intro
(00:05) Welcome
(00:28) CodiumAI
(01:39) Create Next.js Project & Dependencies
(02:21) NextAuth.js Introduction
(04:20) Auth Route Handler
(05:49) NextAuth options
(11:52) Setting up GitHub OAuth
(16:09) Configuring Providers in options
(23:08) Send a GET request to /api/auth/providers
(25:06) App Behavior for 3 different server pages
(26:27) Apply NextAuth with Middleware
(29:10) 3 Different Protection Approaches
(31:14) NextAuth with Client Components
(37:35) Next.js Images from an OAuth Provider
(39:26) Wrap-up

📚 Tutorial References:
🔗 NextAuth.js Official Site:
🔗 Next.js Official Site:
🔗 ES7 React Snippets Extension:

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