Complete Next.js 13.4 Tutorial in Hindi🔥FullStack Website using NextJS, React Server Comp. & MongoDB

Welcome, to complete Next.js tutorial in Hindi, where we will build a Full-Stack Website with Next.js 13 and MongoDB using React Server Components in Hindi. In this video, we’ll be walking you through building a Next.js web application step-by-step. Starting from setting up the project and installing dependencies, to creating pages, routing, integrating APIs, and connecting to a MongoDB database. We’ll also cover responsive design and styling, including using CSS modules and React icons. The video is about 2 hours long, so grab a cup of coffee and follow along as we build a fully functional web app from scratch!

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0:00 Introduction & website review
6:30 WebStorm Installation
10:15 Jetbrains Toolbox App
11:50 Create Next App (Two ways)
20:20 Our very First Next APP & Run it
21:15 Complete Styles & CSS Modules
22:30 File Based Routing
25:45 Header Component (Layout in NextJS)
30:50 Image & Link components
34:48 Header and Nav component
39:20 Next Font Optimization
41:40 Hero Section
49:35 About Page with Component
54:30 Next Dynamic Route
57:18 Fetch API Data in Next.js
1:01:30 Api Data go through
1:05 Movie Card Component
1:12:00 Handling Image in Next.js
1:14:30 Dynamic Movie Route (Blog)
1:21:30 Loading file in Next.js
1:25:00 404 Error Page in Next.js
1:26:50 Shape Dividers to style
1:29:20 Contact Us page & React Icons
1:36:30 Contact Form & React Hooks
1:45:50 Server vs Client components
1:51:00 Create Database using MongoDB
1:54:00 Connection to database
1:58:00 Models & Schema (Mongoose)
2:02:00 Route to Handle POST Requests to Create New Posts
2:05:10 Connect Front-end to Database and Store Data in DB
2:16:00 Footer Components
2:17:00 Responsive Menu
2:21:00 Share code to Github
2:24:00 Free host with Vercel

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