Next.js 13 Full Course 2023 | Build and Deploy a Full Stack App Using the Official React Framework

Next.js recently became the official React framework as outlined in React docs. In this course, you’ll learn the most important Next.js concepts and how they fit into the React ecosystem. Finally, you’ll put your skills to the test by building a modern full-stack Next 13 application.

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📚 Materials/References:
Ultimate Next.js 13 Roadmap:
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Zipped Assets:

In this video, you’ll learn:
– Next.js 13 App Folder Structure
– Next.js 13 Client Components vs Server Components
– Next.js 13 File-based Routing (including dynamic and nested routes)
– Next.js 13 page, layout, loading, and error Special Files
– Next.js 13 Serverless Route Handlers (Next API, Full Stack Apps)
– Next.js 13 Metadata and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
– Three ways to fetch data in Next.js:
– Server Side Rendering (SSR),
– Static Site Generation (SSG)
– Incremental Static Generation (ISR)

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Time Stamps 👇
00:00:00 Intro
00:03:33 The Benefits of Next.js
00:12:54 File & Folder Structure
00:18:39 Server & Client Components
00:23:22 Routing & Special Next.js Files
00:31:21 Data Fetching (SSR, SSG, ISR)
00:34:26 Next.js API Endpoints
00:40:48 SEO & Metadata
00:42:48 Promptopia Project Demo
00:44:31 Project Setup
00:53:22 Home page
01:50:17 Create page
02:14:41 Feed page
02:32:28 Profile page
02:48:17 Next.js API Routes
03:06:39 Special Assignment!
03:12:17 Deployment
03:23:06 Share Your Work