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Learn all about Next.js, React’s most popular Production Framework! Get Started with NextJS and make build amazing websites with ReactJS even more fun! Full Project included, 100% free 3 hours long course!

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Welcome 00:00
What is NextJS? 00:46
Key Feature: Server-side (Pre-) Rendering of Pages 05:31
Key Feature: File-based Routing 12:09
Key Feature: Build Fullstack Apps With Ease 15:22
Creating a NextJS Project & IDE Setup 17:12
Analyzing the Created Project 22:52
Adding First Pages To The Project 25:44
Adding Nested Pages / Paths 31:50
Creating Dynamic Pages 35:37
Extracting Dynamic Route Data 39:13
Linking Between Pages 43:21
Onwards To A Bigger Project! 50:34
Preparing Our Project Pages 54:07
Rendering A List Of (Dummy) Meetups 57:49
Adding A Form For Adding Meetups 01:02:52
The “_app.js” File & Wrapper Components 01:06:47
Programmatic Navigation 01:13:04
Adding Custom Components & Styling With CSS 01:16:51
How NextJS Page Pre-Rendering Actually Works 01:26:51
Introducing Data Fetching For Page Generation
(getStaticProps) 01:32:43
More Static Site Generation (SSG) With getStaticProps 01:41:39
Exploring getServerSideProps 01:47:23
Working With Dynamic Path Params In getStaticProps 01:53:50
Dynamic Pages & getStaticProps & getStaticPaths 01:59:04
Introducing API Routes 02:06:21
Connecting & Querying a MongoDB Database 02:12:41
Sending HTTP Requests To API Routes 02:22:13
Getting Data From The Database (For Page
Pre-Rendering) 02:29:02
Getting Meetup Detail Data & Paths 02:36:12
Adding “head” Metadata To Pages 02:45:53
Deploying NextJS Projects 02:55:12
Working With Fallback Pages & Re-Deploying 03:07:38
Summary 03:11:52


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