Next.js Full Tutorial for Beginners | Next.js 13 Full Stack App Using App Router

Learn Next.js in 2023. The complete Next.js Course for beginners. Create a full stack app using Next.js 13 App Router, Auth.js, MongoDB, SSR, CSR components.

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0:00 Introduction
02:02 Next.js Crash Course (Why You Should Use Next?)
04:34 Next.js Installation
07:39 Next.js Folder Structure
08:50 Next.js Routing Tutorial (App Router)
15:35 Next.js Layouts and Components
23:50 Next.js Rendering Explained (Server side and Client side)
30:35 Next.js Styling (Global and Module CSS)
40:28 Next.js Image Explained
49:30 Next.js App UI Design
01:27:53 Next.js Dark/Light Mode Tutorial
01:33:02 Next.js Context API Tutorial (App Router)
01:38:55 Next.js Data Fetching Explained (Static, Dynamic)
01:45:50 Next.js How to Fetch Data on the Client Side? (SWR Tutorial)
01:51:04 Next.js How to Fetch Data from Local Json File?
01:54:15 Next.js MongoDB Full Stack App Tutorial
02:02:16 Next.js API Folder and CRUD Operations (App Router)
02:11:14 Next.js SEO Tutorial (Static and Dynamic SEO)
02:14:45 Next.js Auth Tutorial (New App Router)
02:16:50 Next.js Google Auth (Sign in with Google)
02:25:15 Next.js Credentials Auth (Sign in with Email and Password)
02:45:16 Next.js Protected Routes with Auth.js
02:49:31 Next.js Admin Dashboard Tutorial
03:01:30 Next.js SWR Mutation
03:05:20 Outro