Next.js Pages, Layout, Links, Routes & Loading | Next.js 13 tutorial

Dave Gray

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Learn about Next.js pages, layout, links, routes, loading, error handling and CSS modules in this Next.js 13 tutorial. Next.js has many built-in features to make building a full stack web app easier!

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Next.js Pages, Layout, Links, Routes & Loading

(00:00) Intro
(00:09) Welcome
(00:28) Starter Code
(01:13) Create an about page & route
(03:59) Root Layout component
(05:09) Nested layout component
(07:54) Adding links to pages
(10:26) CSS modules
(15:19) Changes with Metadata
(16:51) head.tsx – soon to be deprecated
(19:19) Loading with React Suspense
(20:48) Error Boundaries

📚 Tutorial References:
🔗 Next.js Official Site:
🔗 Next.js 13 Beta Docs:

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