NextJS App Router: Learn Modern Web Development in 1 Hour

The new NextJS app router is finally stable and has become the recommended way to write React. Let’s learn the 4 core concepts that have changed or are completely new, and you how can build amazing web apps with them.

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Server vs Client components:

0:00 What you’ll learn
1:55 Chapter 1: Routing, Server Components, Loading & Error Handling
31:23 Summary – what you’ve learned so far
31:45 Chapter 2: Rendering for optimized page speeds
50:27 Summary – what you’ve learned so far
50:47 Chapter 3: SEO Best Practices & Optimization
1:03:30 Summary – what you’ve learned so far
1:03:40 Chapter 4: NextJS 13 API Route Handlers
1:13:02 Good Job! Summary – what you’ve learned today