Build Next.js ECommerce Website Like Amazon For Beginners [2023]

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👉 Stack : Next.js, Tailwind, MongoDB, Context Api, Vercel, Google Map, React Hook Form, PayPal, …

Nextjs Tutorial For Beginners – Build Full ECommerce Website By Next.js, MongoDB & Tailwind

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00:00 Promo Video
00:03:24 Introduction
00:10:48 Install Tools On Windows
00:16:02 Install Tools On Mac
00:20:01 Config VS Code
00:25:56 Create Next App
00:33:16 Publish On Github
00:36:39 Create Layout Component
00:47:41 List Products
01:00:03 Details Product
01:10:42 Handle Add To Cart Action
01:26:06 Create Cart Page
01:41:51 Update Quantity in the Cart
01:47:36 Save Cart Items
01:56:36 Create Login Form
02:10:37 Connect To MongoDB
02:27:04 Create Login API
02:43:56 Add User Menu
02:52:33 Create Shipping Screen
03:09:30 Create Payment Screen
03:18:40 Seed Sample Products
03:21:47 Load Products From MongoDB
03:35:29 Create Place Order Screen
03:55:11 Create Order Screen
04:11:31 Create Register Screen
04:23:47 Pay Order By PayPal
04:41:48 Create Order History Screen
04:51:44 Deploy On Vercel

Part 24 and more on Thinkific [Admin Dashboard, Manage Customers, Handle Orders, …]

🔥 Get Complete Course for $14.90 (reg price $149) [LIMITED TIME]:

1. NextJS basics like setting up the project, navigating between pages, and data fetching
2. NextJS advanced topics like dynamic routing, image optimization, SSG, and SSR
3. Tailwind CSS framework to build a responsive website using a custom theme, animation, and carousel
4. ReactJS including decomposing components, context API, and hooks
5. Next Connect package to build backend API
6. MongoDB and Mongoose to save and retrieve data like products, orders, and users
7. PayPal developer API to make online payment
8. Deploy web applications on Servers like Vercel and Netlify

🔥 Get Complete Course for $14.90 (reg price $149) [LIMITED TIME]:

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