NextJS + State Management = Good Idea???

We can do data fetching in NextJS during static site generation or during server side rendering, so do we need a state manager? If so, how would that even work? Let’s check it out and see for ourselves whether a state manager is worth the bytes we give it.


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0:00 Introduction
1:47 Project Setup
3:04 NextJS State Challenges
3:52 #1 React State
8:12 #2 React Context
16:07 #3 React Query
19:20 #4 Better React Query
21:44 #5 Redux
26:22 #6 Zustand
30:24 #7 Mobx
32:58 #8 Jotai
36:59 #9 RxJS
39:14 My Recommendations
40:39 Outroduction